Trygg Land Office

In continuous operation by the Trygg Family since 1955

Trygg Land Office sketch

Trygg Land Office was established by J. William Trygg (Bill Sr.) as a real estate office in 1955. The name reflects the early land offices of the United States government during the settlement periods of our nation’s history.

Bill Sr. was hired by attorneys representing Native American tribes to appraise their lands in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan as of the date those lands were ceded to the United States (often 100 years prior to the time the appraisals were done). The appraisals and exhibits were used in the Tribes’ claims against the United States to obtain adjustments of the amounts originally paid them for their lands.  Read more about the maps project.

As a result of this project, a series of maps were developed based on the original survey data. These one-of-a-kind maps are available and sold through Trygg Land Office today.

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William R. Trygg (Bill Jr.) continued operating Trygg Land Office until his own death in 2008.  One of his last projects was the Camp North plat of lots on Eagles Nest Lake Two. which were carefully designed to provide privacy as well as preserve the natural beauty and character of the land.

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